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Hula Hoop T Shirt Rug Instructions Video

Wondering what to do with those T Shirts that are no longer in use? Check out the Hula Hoop T Shirt Rug Instructions now!

Hula Hoop Tshirt Rug Instructions

We all have drawers filled with T-Shirts from years gone by. One of our favorite projects is the Memory Rugs made using T-Shirts.

Another is this Hula Hoop T-Shirt Rug project and we guarantee that you will love the results! It’s also fun to make.

Hula Hoop Tshirt Rug Instructions 1

Who would have thought that creating a beautiful floor mat could be made so easily and with just a few simple items.

How To Make Hula Hoop TShirt Rug

Here’s what you need for your project -:

    1. Hula Hoop in preferred size of mat
    2. Scissors
    3. Discarded T-Shirts

Hula Hoop T-Shirt Rug Instructions Video

We have included a video above that shows you just how easy this project is. You will start by cutting your t-shirts into strips and this creates your t-shirt yarn. You will also create spokes on your hula hoop until you have a wagon wheel effect. It is then simply a matter of weaving over and under. You work from the center out. Click Play above to see this technique in action ^

Hula Hoop T Shirt Rug Instructions This project was originally featured on Disney Family, however, the link is no longer live. You can scroll our post for more great inspiration and another tutorial below.T Shirt Hula Hoop Rug Instructions 2

T-Shirt Hula Hoop Rug via A Little Piece of Rainbow

Hula Hoop T-Shirt Rug

Hula Hoop T-Shirt Rug via All Parenting

Tshirt Hula Hoop Rug Instructions

Hula Hoop T-Shirt Rug via All Parenting

Hula Hoop Rug

Hula Hoop Rug via Pinterest

Braided Rug Tutorial

view now —> Braided T-Shirt Rag Rug

T Shirt Hula Hoop Rug Instructions 3

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