16 Most Unique Knit And Purl Stitches To Whip Up

If you know how to knit and purl, then you will be amazed at the wonderful additional stitches that you can create. We are featuring them all so Knitters, get excited.

If you know two basic knitting stitches, knit and purl, you can whip up these gorgeous patterns quickly and easily according to Popular Youtube Instructor Kristin from Studio Knit.

In her Knit Stitch Pattern Book she features a number of surprising techniques that you may not be aware of. The great news is they are all beginner friendly and we know you will love the results.

Knit Stitch Patterns Video By Studio Knit

In the video, Kristen demonstrates all the stitch patterns you can make using knit and purl. We highly recommend that you watch the video to learn the tricks and tips that she shares.

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via Studio Knit

Knit And Purl Stitch Patterns

You can make blankets, sweaters, squares and other projects. Again, there are no complicated stitches just knit purl.

All of the beautiful stitch patterns that Kristen shares are included in the image above. The book would make a great gift for a friend who is wanting to learn how to knit.

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Kristen is extremely proficient when it comes to Knitting and her tutorials are fabulous as are her free patterns and her book which we highly recommend you purchase.

Another popular stitch that you won’t be able to wait to make is this very unique Garter Checkerboard Stitch. It’s similar to the Entrelac Baby Blanket that we have featured on our site.

via Studio Knit

Kristen’s Waffle Stitch Knitting Pattern is another technique that caught our eye immediately. It has a decent weight and texture that is just so popular and it’s so hard to believe that it is only 2 basic stitches.

via Studio Knit

Kristen’s basic Linen Stitch uses one color and makes a beautiful linen-type pattern that looks wonderful in blanket projects or squares. You can also get a little braver and use the Linen Stitch in 2 colors, making a beautiful houndstooth style pattern.

via Studio Knit

As we mentioned previously, you can view all of these Knit And Purl Stitch Patterns on the StudioKnit blog. You can also buy Kristen’s book in her Etsy shop here.

Kristen is also the creator behind these Brain Hats that have become hugely popular and are a favorite with the Science Community and particularly the Science March.

They have been featured in Vogue Magazine. If you would like to order one, you can get yours here.

Kristen’s Brain Hats also come in a Pussy Cat version. They are perfect for the brainiac, science-loving family member and make a perfect gift. You can see this version on Etsy here.

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