Gorgeous Knitted And Crochet Cocoon Pattern

If you love to knit, you will not want to miss this gorgeous Cocoon Shrug Knitting Pattern Free Tutorial. Check out the details now.

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Finding great knitting patterns is a lot harder than it looks. In fact, we are asked continuously for more ideas, but they are in short supply compared to crochet.

Today however we are thrilled to share this Cocoon Shrug Knitting Pattern from Mama In a Stitch. One look and it’s easy to see why it’s been so incredibly popular! The good news is that it’s just one of several of Jess’s Patterns that we are featuring today.

via Mama In A Stitch

Cocoon Shrug Knitting Pattern

via Mama In A Stitch

Jess first came to our attention with her Crochet Cocoon Shrug Pattern and we were thrilled when we saw her knitted version.

Now, you can make your own stunning creation using her easy to follow pattern. As mentioned earlier, this has been one of her most popular patterns like her kimono-style further down our post.

via Mama In A Stitch

Here is the Crochet version that Jessica made.

She used crossed half double crochet stitches. It has a knitted texture and she added fringes to the sleeves. It’s to die for!

Crochet Cocoon Shrug Pattern

via Mama In A Stitch

This best-selling pattern has taken the yarn world by storm and we can see why! It’s no surprise to us the popularity that her Etsy Shop has garnered. Just wait until you see all her other best selling patterns!

You can get the crochet pattern here.

Cocoon Shrug Knitting Pattern Free Tutorial

via mama in a stitch

Classic Stripe Knit Blanket Pattern

via Mama In A Stitch

Here’s another of Jess’s very popular creations. We love this Classic Stripe Knit Blanket Sweater and it’s perfect for beginners.

via Mama In A Stitch

Kimono Style Knitted Shrug Pattern

via Mama In A Stitch

This gorgeous creation is another one of Jess’s best selling patterns and it’s a stunning Kimon Style. We love the simplicity of her shrugs and cocoons and it’s easy to see why they are so popular.

via mama in a stitch

Best Selling Pattern Bundle

via Mama In A Stitch

As mentioned earlier in our post, Jess has a huge amount of best selling patterns available in her Etsy Store. She also offers a best selling pattern bundle for her Knitted Cocoons and Cardigans. You can also find her best selling bundle for her Crochet versions here.

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