We think this Knit Heart Squares Baby Blanket is the sweetest ever! Check out all the wonderful ideas now and be sure to Pin your favorites.

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This Knit Heart Squares Baby Blanket Pattern has such a wonderfully soft look and would perfectly adorn any nursery! You can personalize it with different colors and make it for that special little someone!

Peach Unicorn is especially good at making knit and crochet blankets. We have recently featured her Cancer Support Crochet Blanket Pattern and today we are featuring her knitted version.

via Peach. Unicorn

It truly is a stunning piece and it’s hardly surprising to us that it is a best seller for her Etsy Shop. We have also included a number of other popular ideas further down our page.

via Peach. Unicorn

Heart Squares Baby Blanket Special Stitches

  • Knit
  • Purl
  • Make Bobble – Step-by-Step in the pattern

In this pattern, you’ll need to know how to make a knit bobble stitch. The pattern instructions are excellent to follow. Be sure to check out her You Are My Sunshine Blanket while you are there.

Heart Baby Blanket Pattern

via Petit Mouton Francais

Another extremely gorgeous Baby Blanket and again, a best seller is this beautifully finished creation from Petit Mouton. Just look at the edging and the lovely detail.

Knitted Hearts Lace Baby Blanket Pattern

via Beloved 

Here’s another extremely popular baby blanket pattern, again with the heart detail. What a lovely creation this is and we’re sure you have someone in mind to make it for.

via Peach. Unicorn

The blanket above is almost identical to the knitted version, only it is crochet. This pattern has been made for Cancer Research.

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