Knit Lamb Blanket Pattern Perfect For Baby

You will fall head over heels for this Knit Lamb Blanket Pattern and it makes the perfect nursery accessory or gift for a newborn ..

When it comes to Lambs and Sheep, it seems that our community can’t get enough. We’ve seen some wonderful projects on our Site like the super cute Sheep Pillow and those incredibly adorable Crochet Bobble Sheep Booties!

Well, today we share another great project with you and we know you will love it as much as us. As you can see from the photos above, it really is a stunner! It will look wonderful in every color.

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Knit Lamb Blanket  via Two Sisters Crafting 

We first came across this beautiful Knitted Sheep Blanket on Two Sisters Crafting Site. They came across the Pattern on Pinterest and traced it back to a Book called Precious Blankie Patterns for Baby.

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purchase your book here —> Precious Knit Blankies For Baby 

The Book Patterns are written by Jean Adel. It includes 16 superb designs and you will be spoilt for choice. You can purchase a copy of the book on Amazon. Find the details here 

Knitted Sheep Blanket Pattern via Etsy  —> get pattern here 

We also found a pattern on Etsy. The Blue Knitted Sheep Blanket above is fabulous and you can grab the details here

The book contains 16 fast patterns including this one. The featured image at the top of our page is from the book and the pink version above was made by Two Sisters. What a great job they did!

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Another great idea that we love is to make your Knitted Sheep Baby Blanket reversible like this one on Etsy. It will add some extra weight and warmth and be so handy. This one is available for purchase. If you don’t knit and would like to buy one outright, we recommend this Etsy Seller to you. View here 

Sheep Cushion Pattern via Etsy —> get pattern here 

Why not add some Knitted Sheep Cushions into the mix? We think this cute pattern would compliment your Knitted Sheep Blanket Pattern perfectly. It’s available on Etsy here

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