You’ll Love This Cute Knitted Hanging Chair Free Pattern

Here’s a Knitting Project you’ll love and it’s perfect for the kids! Who wouldn’t want their own Knitted Hanging Chair and it’s perfect for a reading nook. Find out the details now.

Knitted Hanging Chair

This knitted Cocoon Hanging Seat is a wonderful addition to your indoor and outdoor living. You can hang it in your child’s room and set up a reading corner for them.

It’s a great way to give them privacy and encourage them to have some alone time. They will love climbing in and out of the Cocoon, and how comfy do you think it is in there! 

Knitted Hanging Chair

If you love to knit, this Cocoon Hanging Seat comes with FREE pattern and is an easy diy. It is approximately 28″ wide and 82″ in height, the length is extendable with added knitted loops.

After the round bottom is done, pick up stitches along the edge to knit the tapered back of the seat and work all the way up.

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Cocoon Hanging Seat

The Creator says that she hangs her Knitted Cocoon just above the floor level so that her son is able to climb in and out nice and easily. She also suggests that it is safer at the lower height. 

Warning: For safety precaution to avoid serious injury, please make sure the ceiling support and hook are strong enough to hold the total weight of the chair and the child that sits in.

Cocoon Hanging Seat Free Knitting Pattern

Craft Passion is the creator behind this fun project and they have a detailed and easy to follow tutorial to step you through. You can find the details here.

Macrame Crochet Hammock

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