Knitted Fish Hats You Will Love To Make

These Knitted Fish Hat Patterns will put a smile on everyone’s dial and we know you have just the person to make one for.

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You’ll never feel like a fish out of water wearing one of these designs! These Knitted Fish Hat Patterns are fun to create and wear.

We have gotten the best of the best for you below, including patterns for every age and style and you can even purchase readymade.

Knitted Fish Hat Free Pattern

via JG Miller

This pattern from designer JG Miller on Ravelry is such a fun pattern! A floppy fish ho seems to be biting its wearer, this knitted fish hat has been a real hit on Ravelry and social media.

It’s available in adult and child sizes.

Knitty Fish Hat Free Pattern

via Knitty

This Knitty Fish Hat has been so popular and with good reason. We know you have someone in mind to make one for and it’s a fabulous free pattern with easy instructions.

Goldfish Monster Hat Pattern

via Ravelry

This bright fish is actually based on a Pokemon, Magikarp, but looks great whatever colors you make it in! Plus it’s available as a free download on Ravelry from designer Akabeko Botan.

Kids Version Fish Hat

via Kids Knit Hats’n Crafts 

This version of the Knitty Fish Hat above was adapted by the blogger at Knit Kids Hats. She made it to fit a smaller size child around ages 6 months to 5 years. So now there is a version for everyone in the family!

Knitted Shark Hat Free Pattern

via Ravelry

Another very popular pattern has been this super cute shark hat on Ravelry. Available in adult and child sizes from designer Allison MacAlister, you can make it however you’d like.


Funny Fish Hat Pattern

We absolutely love this adorably funny fish hat pattern from ROFLHatFactory. It’s a fun pattern that comes in kids to adult sizes and can actually keep you quite warm too!

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