Knitted Hedgehogs Patterns Collection

How cute are these Knitted Hedgehogs Patterns and we have rounded up the cutest collection. Check out all the ideas now and be sure that you Pin your favorites.

We love Hedgehogs and if you do too, you won’t want to miss these incredibly adorable Knitted Hedgehogs Patterns.

We have scoured the net to bring you the cutest collection and there is something for everyone. You will find teeny tiny baby hedgehogs and bigger ones too.

 knitting pattern here

Why not make a whole family of them! Did you know that the name for a baby hedgehog is a hoglet?

Out of all the knitted hedgehogs patterns circulating, we fell particularly hard for these adorable versions that we found on the ‘We Bloom Here’ site. You can find the free pattern here

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Knitted Hedgehogs Patterns via Purl Soho

The above-knitted hedgehogs come from the same site that the Knitted Sheep Pillow was found on. They have lots of wonderful patterns and these cuties are no exception. Did you know that each hedgehog has around 5000 spines. Each of which lasts a year!


Knitted Hedgehogs Patterns via Purl Soho 

Knitted Hedgehogs Patterns via Ravelry 

Knitted Hedgehog Free Pattern

Knitted Hedgehog Mittens via Mom Me

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