Holland Lop Rabbit Knitting Pattern

It doesn’t get any cuter than this Holland Lop Rabbit and he is an absolute must make! He’s so realistic and a true treasure!

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knitting pattern - holland lop rabbit

The minute we spied this knitting pattern for this Holland Lop Rabbit, we knew we had to share. How realistic does this little fella look?

The designer behind this adorable creation is Claire Garland who’s Etsy Shop is Dot Pebbles Knits. It didn’t surprise us to discover this is a best-selling pattern. When we shared this cutie on Facebook, everyone went crazy!

knitting pattern - holland lop rabbit

via Dot Pebbles Knits

Originating from the Netherlands, the Holland Lop Rabbit is the smallest of the Lop Rabbit breeds.

They are popular pets and extremely fluffy and cuddly. They are also famous for their adorable floppy ears!

via Dot Pebbles Knits

Knitting Pattern – Holland Lop Rabbit

via Dot Pebbles Knits

The knitting pattern is available in English, Russian, Danish, and German and once knitted, your finished knitted bunny will be about 8 inches long.

This is about the same length as a real baby bunny!

As mentioned earlier, it’s easy to see why this is a best-selling pattern for the creator. You can find other amazing knitted rabbits in her Etsy Shop here.


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