Ladies Knitted Slipper Boots Free Patterns You’ll Adore

If you love to knit, this collection of Ladies Knitted Slipper Boots Patterns has something for everyone. Check them all out now!

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We’ve been on the scout for some Ladies Knitted Slipper Boots Pattern Ideas and we have rounded up some great projects that we just know that you will love.

They are fabulous free patterns and you will want to make them all. Scroll our page for the projects and be sure to Pin them as you go.

Biscotte’s Knitted Slippers Free Pattern

via Biscottes’s Yarns

There’s lots of interest and color attached to this fabulous pattern from Biscotte’s. This version is worked from the ankle to the sole.

Image 1 Louise Roberts & Image 2 LbSvet

Non-Felted Knitted Slippers Free Pattern

via Biscotte’s Yarns 

This is the popular non-felted knitted slipper from Biscotte’s Yarns and it’s a definite must make.

Celtic Dancer Knitted Slippers Free Pattern

via Garn Studio

These classy knitted slippers have some interesting stitches that create a beautiful overall look and feel. They are very stylish and super comfortable too.

Knitted Slipper Cuff Boots Free Pattern

via Annies Catalogue – Registration Required

Designed by Lena Skvagerson, this pattern comes in 3 sizes, small, medium, and large. It has lovely detail including ribbing and cuffs.

Little Red Riding Hood Slippers Free Pattern

via Garn Studio

These gorgeous Little Red Riding Hood Slipper Boots have been so popular and they feature a signature cuffed cable detail that makes them truly stunning


Knitted Slipper Ankle Boots Free Pattern

via Annies Catalogue – Registration Required

Elsie Caddey is the designer behind these Knitted Slippers and they look so snuggly and comfy.

Walk Of Fame Knitted Slippers Free Pattern

via Annie’s Catalogue – Registration Required

Such beautiful detail is on display in these button cuff knitted slippers. They will certainly draw many an admiring glance.

Ribbed Confetti Slipper Boots

via Garn Studio

These super chunky and very colorful slipper boots are another free pattern that has been hugely popular. They are quick to whip up too.

via ravelry image 1 & image 2 

Unisex Slipper Boots

via Ravelry 

These Slipper Boots are super comfy and you can easily add soles to them also. They are another fabulous free pattern that you will be keen to make.

Knitted Slipper Boots Collection

via Drops Studio

There’s something for everyone in this collection of gorgeous Knitted Slipper Boots. We adore the textures and they would look great with leggings or jeans.


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