This Lovie Lap Quilt with pockets pattern has so many uses and you are going to love it. Perfect for wheelchairs or keeping warm, you’ll wonder what you ever did without it!

Carolyn Di Perri came up with her Lovie Lap Quilt with pockets pattern after visiting her grandmother in a nursing home.

She observed her sitting on her hands while they were talking. Her grandmother said that her hands were cold. It was at this point that her brilliant idea for her lovie quilt was born!

via Homemade by Carolyn

Lovie Lap Quilt with Pockets Pattern

via Homemade By Carolyn

Here’s what Carolyn has to say about her Lovie Lap Quilt. 

I made one through pocket to keep her hands warm and a second pocket for small items.  My Grandmother kept her tissues and chapstick in the second pocket.

The pockets are both lined in flannel as well as the back of the quilt.  

My grandmother also loved taking her Lovie Lap Quilt into the car when we would take her out.  She would comment on how warm the quilt kept her especially the pockets for her hands.”

– Carolyn Di Perri, Creator Lovie Lap Quilt

via Homesewn by Carolyn

As you can see from the photos above, any fabric will work for this project. We love the butterfly version above and the sweet little kittens below.

The fabric you choose is down to your personal preference and a lap quilt is great for traveling in the car or sitting outdoors.

via Homemade By Carolyn

It’s a known fact that a blanket offers a sense of security so we’re sure it will give a sense of well-being to those that use it.

Many that purchase the pattern donate a quilt to those in need. You may find that you choose to do the same. One thing’s for sure, you’ll love it!

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Lovie Lap Quilt With Pockets Pattern

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