Learn to make fabric face mask at home with this easy pattern. No Sewing Machine is required. Watch the video tutorial now.

We recently shared a roundup of our favorite face masks and also some super cute dog face masks too. Today, you will be shown how to make a fabric face mask at home.

We have selected an easy to follow video tutorial and you won’t need a sewing machine. It is a simple pattern that is beginner-friendly and you are going to love the results.

Supplies Needed

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All you will need to make yourself a fabric face mask is a circular plate to cut out your fabric, a pair of scissors, needle and thread, and some elastic.

Here’s what Elizabeth McKay did when making her face mask.

I made this for my granddaughter,  so easy! I did sew on my machine for extra strength, at 1/8″ seams, and used a 10″ plate for her. I made a trial one to get the right size of the circle and also the right length of elastic.

You don’t want too tight or too loose either. She is 12, and dainty…her elastic was 10.5 inches long each side. I sewed them on the machine too as knots were uncomfy, but this is an excellent tutorial, thank you!”

Elastic Length Recommendations

via Craft Daily 

This mask can be made in 3 sizes. The creator has recommended 10 -11 inches for adults which equates to 25-28 centimeters.

When it comes to Teens, allow 9 inches (23cm). For a child, she recommends 8 inches (20cm).

How To Make Fabric Mask Video Tutorial

via Craft Daily

This video from Craft Daily has had a whopping 48 million views plus and gets great feedback as evidenced by the comments above.

In order to achieve the best possible result, we highly recommend that you watch the tutorial. Click Play above to view now ^

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