Solar Light Fairy House Is A Super Easy DIY To Try

How adorable is this Solar Light Fairy House and it Glows in the dark. There really are fairies at the bottom of the garden ..

Solar Light Fairy House

Fairy Houses are amongst our most popular projects on our site and we were excited to come across this easy diy.

It ticks all the boxes as it’s surprisingly easy, only uses a few items and it’s a fun project that the whole family can get involved with. We’ve featured some amazing projects over time, including Broken Pot Fairy Gardens and some Miniature Stone Homes too.

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Solar Powered Fairy Garden House

Solar Fairy House via Creative Green Living 

Today’s project is this adorable Solar Light Fairy House. If you don’t have one to use, you can find them on Amazon. You’re also going to need some Mod Podge which for those of you who don’t know, it’s a clear glue and will come in handy for your projects.

Carissa of Creative Green Living has a stunning Blog and she has put together a very helpful tutorial with step by step photos to help you make your Solar Light Fairy House. We’ve listed the items you are going to need for the project below.

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Coke Bottle Fairy House via Instructables 

Here’s another cute version that we found on Instructables made using Coke Bottles of all things. You can pop solar lights in these and use them in your garden beds. What a cute idea!

Fairy House Video Tutorial

We have also included a short video for you that shows you how to turn your old jars into fairy houses. They are super cute and very easy. Click Play above to view ^  and check out the Magical Fairy Door Planter below too.

Clay Pot Fairy Door Planter

This beautiful Fairy Door Planter has been another super popular project on our site and you should add it to your must make list. You can find all the easy details here

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You can find the Solar Light Fairy House Tutorial  here.

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