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How To Tint Jars And Bottles Video Tutorial

You’ll be thrilled to learn how to tint jars and bottles and make gorgeous creations! The results are absolutely stunning ..

How To Tint Jars and Bottles

Now you can learn how to tint up Mason Jars in pretty colors to suit your decor. These look gorgeous – it’s a very easy process and you don’t need to buy special glass paints.

Mod Podge is the secret to your success and you will be able to achieve all sorts of beautiful effects. They look lovely grouped with candles in them. You can tint them in lighter or vibrant shades, the choice is yours and they are very ambient. The Rainbow Mason Jars featured at the top of the page are available for purchase on AmazonHow To Tint Jars and Bottles

Colored Mason Jars via Lily Shop

The blogger has chosen a bright and colorful Moroccan look and it’s achieved using Mod Podge (a craft glue) and food coloring, so it’s very inexpensive. As a glue is used they can’t be used for food storage. They’re perfect for a votive candle holder or a stationary holder. You can hang from trees and posts too.

How To Tint Jars and Bottles Video -:

We have found a short video that steps you through the process on how to tint jars and bottles. Click Play above to view ^

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