We’ve found the perfect recycle for your Tin Cans and you won’t be able to wait to make these Decoupage Metal Tin Cans and they are the perfect upcycle. Watch the video now.

Decoupage is lots of fun and allows you to be very creative. It is also quite a therapeutic craft. All that cutting and gluing can actually be very relaxing. Just like Scrapbooking, it has a real cult following.

Every day tin cans are put aside for recycling. Well, now you can upcycle them and all you need are some napkins and glue.

Who would have thought! We have put together lots of inspiration and we have included a video below.

You can make Stationery and Craft Caddies, Towel Storage for your Bathroom and these Tin Cans from Red Carousel would make beautiful herb or flower planters or even used as lanterns. 

via diy enthusiasts

You are not going to be stuck for ideas and as you can see, you only need a few items for this project.

Materials Needed For Decoupage Metal Tins

    • Tin Cans
    • Enamel or Acrylic Paint
    • Assorted Pretty Paper Napkins
    • Decoupage Glue or white (PVA) glue
    • brushes and scissors

Decoupage Metal Tins Video Tutorial

We have found a Video that shows you how to make Decoupage Tins and it only goes for a few minutes.

Be sure to watch it so you can see just how easy it is going to be to make your own. Click Play above ^

Tin Can Decoupage Stationary Caddy

Decoupage Tin Can Stationery Caddy via Double Kitchen

Tin Can Decoupage with lace trim

Decoupage Metal Can via Etsy

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image via 10 marifet

Here’s another terrific idea. We love the idea of Decoupaging Wine Bottles and don’t they look incredible. They are so unique!

Decoupage Tins

Decoupage Tin Can Holders via Cats Home

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