Lots of easy craft ideas including crochet and knitting projects you'll love!

If you can sew a straight line, you can make this stunning Rag Quilt and don't you love the ruffled edges. We have also included a video tutorial that shows you how to make a gorgeous Teddy Bear design. There's lots of beautiful ideas so click the link now and check them all out.
Repurpose your old T Shirts into a lovely colourful Braided Rug. It's a super quick and easy idea you'll love. Don't miss the Hula Hoop Rug too!
Maybe you've seen all the cute projects on Facebook and just wished you could Crochet or maybe you are more experienced but just need help with your stitches? Either way we've got you covered. We've got a selection of books and hooks that you need to read up on that will take you from Beginner to Expert in no time at all!
These Mini Christmas Crochet Stockings are an easy FREE Pattern that is ideal for all skill levels. You can work them up in 10 short minutes and we have a video tutorial for you to crochet along with. Check out the Mini Stockings Advent Calendar and the Christmas Ornaments too.
Give your glass baking dishes or jars a brand new designer look with a simple piece of vinyl and a secret ingredient. These will look great in your kitchen or as gifts and you will love the results. Watch the video tutorial too.
It's easy to see why these Slipper Boots have been one of our most popular ever! They are Unisex and available in Knitted and Crochet Free Patterns. Check them out now!
Transfer writing and images to candles to create wonderful custom gifts that will be forever treasured. You won't believe how easy it is and you can use your hairdryer for this project. This is an inexpensive project and you will love the results. Watch the video tutorial now.
You are not going to believe what you can do with your microwave and a piece of lace. If you have a little princess in your life you are going to love making these incredibly gorgeous crowns and they make great gifts too.
You will love this super cute Crochet Teepee Pattern and so will your little one. Check out this adorable idea now.
If you are on the hunt for a gorgeous Crochet Vintage Dress for a special person in your world, you will love these super cute ideas. Get the FREE Patterns now.
This stunning Knitted Circular Vest is just one of a number of must make projects our Knitters will love. It's a free pattern and we have lots of other projects you will love. Check out all the gorgeous ideas and Pin your favorites.
Here's the perfect project for those odd socks! These Sock Monkeys are easy to make and you will love their cheeky faces! They make a cute gift too. Check out the details now.

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