How To Paint A Tree With Acrylic Paint In 10 Minutes

Painting is so much fun and it’s a lot easier than you think, especially when you are shown by an expert. Be sure to watch the video tutorial now. You are going to love the results.

Painting is so relaxing. It’s also a great way to express yourself. It’s easier than you think and you’ll love the results.

It’s time to unleash your inner artist. We’re excited to share this excellent tutorial that will show you how to paint a tree in only 10 minutes. It’s the perfect beginner-friendly project.

Materials Used To Paint A Tree

The Artist and instructor, Jonathon, uses a stretched canvas, acrylic paints (permanent red, yellow med, ultra blue, titanium white, mars black.

First, he starts by painting the trunk and branches and then he adds in some darker tones. He then incorporates a mid-tone and finishes off with the lightest tone.

How To Paint A Tree With Acrylics Video

You will be shown in real time how to paint a tree and it takes 10 minutes. The results are gorgeous. We have also found an inexpensive zippered Acrylic Paint & Brush Set on Etsy.

This is a simple lesson that anyone can follow along with. There is no blending involved. You simply mix up the paint and apply it. To see Jonathon in action, click Play above ^

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