Super Cute Paisley Gossiping Gourds

Have you seen the amazing Painted Chicken Gourds? They are super cute and very popular in our community and we simply couldn’t wait to share them with you.

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We’ve all seen the wonderful Pumpkin Crafts that are around. Imagine our reaction when we discovered that the humble Gourd is also very popular and perfect for craft projects. Excited is an understatement!

We were blown away and you will be too! There are actually ‘Gourd Artists’ that make all sorts of weird and wonderful projects and Painted Chicken Gourds seem to be real favorites. We must admit, we certainly got clucky over them! This is a fun idea and we know that you will love making a whole family of these adorable cuties.

Suzy from Suzy’s Sitcom fame is the creator behind these Paisley Chicken Gourds and she sure has done a wonderful job! They are so sought after, she sells them in her Etsy Store 

Suzy’s projects are amongst the most popular that we feature on our site. We will leave some links to her other ideas at the end of our post. You will also find the collection she has available for purchase on Etsy. Be sure to scroll to the end for all the details.

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If you’d like to purchase some of Suzy’s famous Painted Chicken Gourds, she has a cute collection available. You are going to love Maud, Mary, Izzy and Ingrid! —> Get yours here

If you are ready to make your own Painted Chicken Gourds, Suzy can help you out. She has a detailed tutorial that she is waiting to share with you. You can find details here

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