Painted Rock Fairy Houses All The Best Ideas

We have put together the cutest collection of Painted Rock Fairy Houses and you are going to love these amazing ideas ..

You may have noticed fairy gardens dotting quite a few of your neighborhood gardens recently. If you haven’t, you’ve definitely seen them all over Pinterest!

And, it’s no surprise why – the adorable little houses can be made from a variety of upcycled goods and look absolutely so cute, especially when gardeners get creative with their surrounds!

Painted Rocks via Lyn Welford 

The above Rock Houses are known as Sandbox City by the Artist Lyn Welford. We have found her Rock Painting Book on Amazon and highly recommend you grab a copy.

She has some amazing ideas in there that you won’t want to miss. You can purchase your copy here

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Picture via Pinterest

Painted rock fairy houses are really popular because like little stone houses, they are easy to make. All you need is a good sized rock and some paint! You can even pick up some rocks in a garden or craft store if you can’t find any in your garden.

It’s a matter of stenciling on an image or freehanding, depending how crafty you are, and then painting.

Painted Rock Fairy House via Hub Pages 

If you’re needing some design inspiration, take a look at the fairy rock houses we’ve included in our post. We’ve scoured the web for all the best ideas so you don’t have to!

Painted Rock Fairy House via Hub Pages 

Round rocks are the most common shape. Be sure to start off with a nice clean surface. You should wash your rocks prior to painting so you have a nice surface to work on.

This will ensure the best possible result.

Painted Fairy Rock Houses via Fairy Gardens 101

Fairy Garden 101 has some great ideas here. They have added trees on the side of their houses and even some sweet shingles on the roof. You can see what can be created and they are simple designs.

Picture via Webshots

This jagged-edged rock is the perfect shape for this sloped-roof house. We love the added touch of the lit up windows and the shutters. These rocks look great in amongst your plants and could even make a perfect door stop.

Painted Rock Fairy House via Just Imagine

We adore this little yellow house with the ladybug-inspired roof. It just goes to show you that stepping outside the box and letting your creativity flow can give you some amazing results.

Painted Rock Gnome Doors by Molly MacKenna

These painted rock gnome doors by Molly MacKenna at FairyGarden101 are another great way to bring a little magic to your garden. They truly are exquisite don’t you think. We love the different shaped rocks she has worked with.

Painted Rock Houses via Pinterest

These rocks feature painted thatched roofs, another great idea. Even the strangest looking rocks can be made into little homes!

Inspiration from yosunstoneart on Instagram

Here’s another great idea. Turn your rock fairy houses into some wall art. They are so incredibly adorable and will be a real talking point in your home. We found this great idea on Instagram.

Painted Rock House via Pinterest

Here is another example of how the strangest looking rocks can work! This version looks like it might have been taken from a construction site. Whilst mainly flat, the artist managed to turn it into a beautiful creation!

Rocks Painted by Unicatella

Artist Unicatella painted these lovely looking mini rocks. They look like they are from another world with their pretty balconies and old-fashioned details. They would look lovely in potted plants.


Painted Fairy Houses via  Painting on Rocks for Kids

Here is a great tutorial from the book ‘Painting on Rocks for Kids’ by Lin Wellford (available on Amazon). She uses a pencil to sketch the design she’d like, then paints in the main colors. A much smaller brush is used for inside the windows, and the door. She then traces around the lines with a marker for a clear design.

Doors of Perception from MyGardenRocks on Etsy

This little fairy door comes from an Etsy seller and artist who makes all sorts of things out of rocks. This very thin, flat rock made a perfect door. With painted wildflowers, it looks beautiful.

Picture via Pinterest

Don’t you just adore this little red house The strange shape was perfect for adding in a nice, big tree!


Hand Painted Rock Thatched Roof Cottage on via Eugenla LaBar on Flickr

Here is a creative way to make a nice looking roof! Flickr user Eugenla LaBar created this roof by using some putty. You can get really creative using lots of different materials on your rocks. She has topped it off with perfectly drawn features.

Painted Rocks via Eugenla La Bar

Here’s another idea we found on Pinterest. This Rock has been turned into a Barn. It just shows you how many different ways you can display your Painted Rocks. We hope you have enjoyed these wonderful ideas. While you’re here be sure to check out the Owl Rocks and the Mandala Rocks too.

Fairy House Rocks  via Pinterest

Rock Fairy Houses  Photo Source

Painted Fairy Houses via  Painting on Rocks for Kids

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