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We’ve found some super cute Cupcake Party Favors Ideas ideas for your next party. They’re just so easy to make and look great …

Cupcake Party Favors Ideas

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Here’s a simple idea for a party favor. Use Plastic Champagne Flutes, M&M’s or any lollies and you can put a cupcake on top.

They look fantastic and they’re just so incredibly simple to make. They are ideal for Birthdays and Showers and you can use any style of Plastic Glassware you like. They will add some serious color to your table. Add a cute gift card too!

Cupcake Party Favors Ideas

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They are also very inexpensive making them the perfect party treat that everyone will love. Be sure to scroll our page and check out all the Cupcake Party Favors Ideas, you will love what you see.

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Cupcake Party Favors Ideas 2

Cupcake Party Favors via Hungry Happenings 

How To Make Cupcake Party Favors

All you need to do is fill some plastic cups, champagne flutes or shot glasses with lollies of your choice. M&M’s look great and so do mixed lollies. Pop a Cupcake on top.

You can ice it in a bright color and even decorate the top of your cupcake if you like. Use the photos in our post for your inspiration.

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Cupcake Party Favors Ideas 1

M&M Cupcake Flutes  via Cakealicious

Cupcake Party Favors Ideas Pinterest

Plastic Flute Cupcake Party Favours via Indulgy

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Plastic Champagne Flute Party Favors via Pinterest

Christmas Cupcake Champagne Flute

Christmas Flute Cupcake Favour via ‘Pinterest’

 Champagne Flute Cupcake Party Favour

Cupcake Flute Party Favour via ‘Pinterest’

Plastic Flute Cupcake Holder Party Favours

Plastic Flute Cupcake Holders via Party City

Champagne Flute Cupcake Party Favour

Plastic Flute Cupcake Holder via Pinterest


Cupcake Flutes Tutorial via Home Cooking Memories
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