Pawdorable Paw Print Ornament Ideas For Your Furbaby

You will love to make a Paw Print Ornament for your four legged furbabies and include them in the happiest time of the year. We have a video tutorial to show you how.

If you like us believe that Pets make the best people, you will love to include them in all your special times.

A Pet Paw Print Ornament like the one above from Baby Handprint Co shows that they are a much loved family member.

It is a wonderful reminder of how much they mean to you. It’s also a lovely way to memorialize them. You can have them with you forever and all those happy memories.

They also makes a great gift for your animal loving friend or family member. Over on Etsy, The Baby Handprint Co has a number of lovely ideas that you won’t want to miss. You can view here 

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You can also purchase a Paw Print Ornament Kit from Etsy. They are very inexpensive and have all the bits and pieces you need to make your own Paw Print at home. You can get yours here

Paw Print Ornament Video Tutorial

Michelle from Crafty Morning has made a video tutorial that shows you how she made her Paw Print Ornament for her furbaby.

You will love how easy this project is and you will be whipping yours up in no time. Click Play above to view ^

You can also add a Framed Dog Paw Print and Collar to your collection. This is another very popular idea and again, inexpensive. You can check them out here

Here’s another idea that we had to share with you. This one is a Pet Paw Memorial Stone and has a place to pop your photo.

You can get yours here

Another idea that we are sure you will be interested in are these popular Dog Paw Necklaces. They make a great gift too.

You can grab yours on Etsy here

As mentioned earlier in our post, Michelle has a full tutorial on her Crafty Morning Website and printable instructions. You can find the details here.

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