Pine Cone Fairy Craft Ideas You’ll Love

We’ve rounded up the cutest collection of Pine Cone Fairy Craft Ideas and you will want to make them all. Check out all the ideas now!

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You will never look at a Pine Cone the same way again! We’re over the moon with these Pine Cone Fairy Craft ideas and to say they are enchanting is an understatement.

They are the perfect touch to any fairy garden or add a nice touch to a tree or fallen branch indoors. You will love the inspiration and be sure to make a Pine Cone Fairy House too.

Pine Cone Fairy Ornaments

via Willodel

The first Pine Cone Fairy craft is from Willodel. They use a pine cone base and a few other items that you can find outdoors or at the dollar store.

You can use leaves, acorns, beads and they are easily attached with some craft glue.

via a little fur in the paint

Pine Cone Fairy House

via A Little Fur In The Paint

This beautiful Fairy House has used a Gourd for its base and the pine cones form a shingle roof. You could even use a plastic bottle for this craft.

What an amazing idea and very easy to create too!

Pine Cone Fairy

via The Magic Onions

Here is another cute pine cone fairy from The Magic Onions blog.

It uses similar supplies as previously mentioned but you will need a felt ball for the head instead of a bead.

Love Fairy

via Twig and Toadstool

The creator of the fairy above found most of the items around her neighborhood which makes it extra special.

The above version is a Love Fairy and is featured on Twig and Toadstool.

Nature-Inspired Pine Cone Fairy Ornaments

via Our Fair Field Home and Garden

These pine cone fairies were made completely out of natural materials.

Made by Our Fair Field Home & Garden, there are lots of different fairy ideas on their site. The creator has only used items that she found outside so this is a very inexpensive craft.

Rainbow Pine Cone Fairies

via Twig and Toadstool

We love these Rainbow Fairies made with pine cones. The colors are bright and cheerful and a hot glue gun is used to piece it together.

They also used silk leaves instead of real which is a great idea if the weather is challenging. You could also use corks, wooden blocks, or some stands from the dollar store.

Winter Pine Cone Fairies

via Life With Moore Babies

These Winter Pine Cone Fairies from Life With Moore Babies are super cute and sparkly. They are made in the same way as many of the others with a pompom on their acorn hats.

There is also a generous sprinkling of glitter on the pipe cleaner wings.

Crochet Pine Cone Fairy Ornaments

via Annaboos House

We could barely contain the squeals when we discovered these adorable Pine Cone Fairies! The hat and scarf are beyond adorable.

There is a full tutorial and free pattern on the creators’ site. You can find the details on Annaboo’s House.


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