How To Turn Pine Cones Into Lovely Zinnia Flowers

You will never look at Pine Cones the same way again. This Pine Cone Flowers Craft is one of our most popular projects on our site and you will love it.

Pine Cone Flowers Craft

Nature is a truly beautiful thing. Some of the gorgeous craft ideas we have shared have been directly inspired by such. You only have to look at projects like the Pine Cone Wreath for proof.

It provides us with an endless source of wonderful ideas and Pine Cones are readily available and have so many options.

via A Fanciful Twist 

We were head over heels the minute we found them on A Fanciful Twist and with good reason. It’s such an easy craft and you can paint them up in your favorite colors to suit your decor.

They look like they have been plucked from a forest floor. You can pop them in black or white bowl on your table too. They will bring any space in your place to life with their organic beauty.

Pine Cone Flowers Craft Video Tutorial

Have you got your Pine Cones and Paint ready? You are going to love this video that shows you how to turn them into the most beautiful everlasting bouquet.

Check out the video and then be sure to continue scrolling to see lots more inspiration. We even have some beautiful readymade designs on Etsy that you can purchase. Click Play above to view ^

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Pine Cone Roses

When you add a stem and some leaves you can pop your Pine Cone Roses in a Vase like these stunners from Creative Green Living and they stand up beautifully.

Don’t they look great. They’d make a lovely centerpiece and we guarantee that you will love the stunning results.

Pine Cone FlowersOur member Karen made these beautiful Pine Cone Flowers and what a fabulous job she did. We love them in the wagon!

via Etsy 

We have had many enquiries about where our Community can purchase readymade Zinnia Flowers for their home. We have found a wonderful Etsy Shop called Natures Craft Supply and we have included some examples of their work below.

These gorgeous wreaths are available in custom colors and will look stunning on an internal door or wall.

The gorgeous Pine Cone Flowers below are available for purchase for a very reasonable price on Etsy and come in a number of popular styles. You can get see the whole range here 

via Etsy 

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