Plastic Spoon Flowers Video An Easy DIY

Learn how to make stunning roses by watching this Plastic Spoon Flowers Video. You will love this easy and super cute DIY …

Plastic Spoon Flowers Video

We are often amazed at how the most simple things can be upcycled into amazing pieces and one such project must surely be these Plastic Spoon Flowers.

We are sure no one would realize that these breathtaking flowers are melted spoons. It’s absolutely true! We’ve recently shown you how to turn Pine Cones into Zinnia Flowers and today, you will see that you can achieve incredible results with a plastic spoon!

Plastic Spoon Flowers Video

It’s amazing what you can do with ordinary items around your home. Many are using them as centrepieces, others are turning them into necklaces. You can even make long stemmed roses.

There really are so many choices and the best news is they are super simple to make.

Plastic Spoon Flowers Video

image via Duitang

The necklace is a great project to start with. You can even make your Plastic Spoon Flowers into Brooches and Hairclips. The first thing to do is watch the Plastic Spoon Flowers Video below.

Plastic Spoon Flowers Video

Just look at the stunning results achieved by Marzi of Made By Marzipan – We love the beautiful colours and hers have a pretty, vintage look and feel.

She stars in the video below so be sure to watch her in action and see the finished versions. You will love what you see! 

Video via Made By Marzipan 

How To Make Plastic Spoon Flowers Video

We have included a quick video tutorial to step you through this project. Click Play above to watch now ⇑

You will need some nose pliers to hold your plastic spoons over the candle, some chain to make your necklace, scissors to cut your plastic spoons, a candle and matches.

As an open flame is involved, please take extra care.
Plastic Spoon Flowers Video

Plastic Spoon Flowers via Cut Out And Keep

Need Supplies? Get Yours Here

Plastic Spoon Flowers Video

Here’s another super cute Spoon Flower Necklace Idea. Don’t you just love the colors. It makes for a very striking piece and we’re sure you’ll receive plenty of compliments too.

Spoon Necklace via What I Do

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