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Saucepan Lid Owls Are An Easy DIY You’ll Love

You will never look at Saucepan Lids the same way again. Upcycle them into adorable Saucepan Lid Owls that are beyond adorable …

We are huge Owl fans around here and with good reason. They are such a magnificent Bird and now you can learn how to make Saucepan Lid Owls using items you have around your home.

If you can’t bear to throw things out, you are not alone. Recycling is here to stay and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular.

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Saucepan Lid Owls - recycled from Kitchen Items

Robyn Stewardson is the Creator of these adorable owls. She is from Australia and has her own business Focus on Art – As you can see she is extremely talented and her creations are amazing!

She reuses all sorts of items from the kitchen including saucepan lids, ladles, plates, graters, lids, tins, to name a few. There’s very little that escapes her eye and they all take on a different personality.

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Saucepan Lid Owls

Saucepan Owls via Better Homes and Garden

Over on the Better Homes and Garden Site, they have a full tutorial that shows you how you can recreate your own Saucepan Lid Owls. We love the way their Owls are perched on a branch.

Saucepan Lid Owls

owls via flickr 

We have included lots of other versions that we have found in our travels. You can find the source details under the individual photos so feel free to visit the sites for additional information.  We found these cuties on flickr 

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CD OwlYou can even use CD’s or DVD’s to create your Owl, like this one on Indulgy

Metal Lid Bottle Cap OwlsThese mini Owls were found on Flickr and they are made using metal jar lids.

Owl Grater Wind ChimeYou can even use a Kitchen Grater to make a Wind Chime. Simply add some cutlery using the holes and string to attach. What a great idea. This idea was found on Pinterest

Owl Recycled Art

sources on individual photos

If you are a big Owl fan, be sure to check out the Owl Painted Rocks too. They are great inspiration and you can find them here

Owl Recycled ArtHere’s another cute version of an Owl Wind Chime that we found on Pinterest

Owl GraterThis adorable Owl Grater was another cute Pinterest find.

Owl Yard ArtThis Owl has been made out of items from your Shed. Rakes, horseshoes and a Spade for the head. What a great idea and so very easy to recreate. We found him on  Kimbirdz

Owl Bottle Cap ArtThis Owl made from Bottle Caps looks brilliant hanging on the wall. We found him on Ebay

Owl Yard Art

More examples of Owl Yard Art  from Artisan Corner

Owl Yard Art

You can purchase your own Owl Yard Art from Etsy if you would prefer. This super cute example is available for sale here

Recycled Owl Art

via Focus On Art 

Robyn is so clever, here’s another version she has created with a grater.

via Better Homes and Gardens

Here’s another very popular post that shows you how to make Bike Wheel Owls. Don’t they look amazing! You can find the full tutorial in our post here

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