How To Make The Sweetest Sock Sheep

Everyone is loving this cute Sock Sheep Craft and we know you will too. We have a video tutorial to show you how. Be sure that you check out the details now.

We could barely contain our excitement when our eyes spied this incredibly adorable Sock Sheep Craft. We just knew you would be a fan and had to share.

It comes courtesy of one of our favorite Sites, Craft Passion. The Creator, Joanne is very talented and behind many popular projects.

via Craft Passion 

One of her other projects that have had awesome feedback is her Sock Monkey. It really is the cutest idea you ever did see!

Her Sock Sheep Craft has been equally as popular and you only need to look at the photos above to see why. It’s also a very simple project made from Socks.

Sock Sheep Craft Video Tutorial

You will also need a Sewing Machine, a fabric marker, some tweezers and some scissors for your project. You can also hand sew this project if you prefer or don’t have a Sewing Machine.

We have found a video that will step you through the process of how to make your own Sock Sheep Craft. To view, click play ^

To make your Sock Sheep Craft, you will need a Sock Sheep Template. You can find the full printable instructions and your Template on the Craft Passion Site here 

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