Sprocket Pillow Sewing Patterns

This Sprocket Pillow Video Tutorial will show you how easy this fun project can be. You are guaranteed to love the results. Check out all the fabulous ideas now.

If you’ve ever thought of the process of sewing a pillow as daunting, then you’re in for a surprise! This wonderful Sprocket Pillows Tutorial, written by Allison over at CluckCluckSew is very simple.

We’ve also rounded up a few other projects and an easy to follow Sprocket Pillow Video. There’s lots of inspiration and great ideas.

via Cluck Cluck Sew

The sprocket pillows can be made really colorful using a ton of different patterns or colors, or you could tone them down by using a palette of similarly colored fabrics. They would be great on a bed, or could wonderful brightening up your sofa.

They would even make a great pillow for a child, using some fun patterns. Ready to get started? Here is what you’ll need:

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via Cluck Cluck Sew

Sprocket Pillows Materials

  • Large fabric scraps for the top wedges
  • A 5″ x width of fabric strip for the middle (plus a little extra for the large size)
  • A fat quarter for the back
  • A bag of polyfill stuffing
  • A button and thread for the center.

Sprocket Pillow Video Tutorial

In this tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company, quilter Jenny Doan shows you how to use fabric scraps from quilting to put a sprocket pillow together. You can, of course, use newly bought quarters for this project, but if you’re a regular sewer then this is a great way to use those leftover pieces!

The video follows mostly the same format as the tutorial we shared above, but Jenny’s pillow has thinner fabric pieces since it is made from scraps. Click Play above to view ^

via Melly Sews

If you love the look of the round sprocket pillow tutorial, but hate the thought sewing all those pieces together, then you’ll love this project! An easy to make pleated pillow is put together with two larger pieces of fabric, and the result is chic and simple.

via All People Quilt

The same sort of pattern that is used in the sprocket pillow is in the complimentary quilt. It looks great in a square too.

via Pinterest 

Another cute idea that we found on Pinterest was this mini sprocket pillow that makes the cutest Pin Cushion.

via FourSquareWalls

Here is another version that blogger Andrea made after seeing similar ones in Urban Outfitters. It has a beautiful side view too!

via Marrietta.ru

This gorgeous cushion looks similar in structure to the round pillows above but has a beautiful embroidery feature on it. The author drew this flower on her embroidery cloth first in pencil, then hand embroidered the design on. She then attached it the pillow, which she sewed up on her sewing machine.

via just imagine

You can also make them in a larger size. They are perfect for popping your feet on and they are ideal for extra seating.

via Cluck Cluck Sew

To put this pillow together, you’ll need a template. You’ll start by making the top of the pillow using all of your color selections. Then, you’ll need to pin and sew on the sides and back of the pillow. Finally, you’ll need to stuff it with some polyfill and sew it shut. To follow along with the full tutorial, view here

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