If you are looking for an easy and beautiful knitting project, this Sunny Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern fits the bill perfectly.

We are always on the hunt for gorgeous knitted blankets to share with our appreciative audience. Today we are introducing you to the very popular Sunny Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern by Lucie Sinkler.

What we particularly love is the beautiful texture. This pattern is also beginner friendly and you will love the stunning results.   

sunny baby blanket knitting pattern

via Ravelry

As you can see from this finished version that we found in the Ravelry Member gallery, the texture is truly stunning.

It gives a beautiful chunky feel that is still lightweight enough for bubs. It is the ideal baby blanket to pop in their stroller too.

sunny baby blanket knitting pattern

via Ravelry

Sunny Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern

You can also achieve a beautiful ombre effect with the sunny baby blanket knitting pattern. This example above was again found in the Ravelry Members Gallery.

This beautiful piece would make an excellent baby shower gift too. You can find the free pattern on Ravelry and How Stuff Works.

via Ravelry Member Gallery

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