How To Make A Cute Teddy Bear Rag Quilt

Everyone loves Teddy Bears and how cute is this Teddy Bear Rag Quilt Pattern. This has a distinct vintage look and feel and it couldn’t be more adorable. View now.

How completely adorable is this Teddy Bear Patchwork Quilt. You could actually use your baby clothes to make a gorgeous keepsake.

This is a vintage Pattern but you can recreate this look by tracing a large Teddy Bear onto your creation and cutting out. This would be a very easy project for someone with even basic sewing skills.

Teddy Bear Rag Quilt

We have also included a video tutorial in our post that is perfect for beginners. It shows you how to create a Rag Quilt which would be perfect for this project.

For those of you that would prefer to purchase one already made, we have tracked some down on Etsy for you. They sell out regularly so if that is the case when you visit, send a message and request an order. Check out the range here

How To Make Rag Rug Quilt Video

If you would like to learn to make a rag quilt and in the fastest way possible. We are including this video from youtube that shows you how to whip one up in an hour. Yes, you heard right, one hour! This will help you to learn the basics. Click Play above to view now ^

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Since we originally published this post, it would seem that this pattern for the Teddy Bear has sold out and is not easily available. Occasionally they are on Ebay and the one above is on Etsy.

Note that the Puppy is the same as the Teddy with only the ears being the main difference. There is a Puppy version here

In our travels we came across a Pattern Review Site where we found Lindsay who has her own Sewing Website. She has made the Teddy Bear Rag Quilt and has some photos that she has shared. The one on the left is the original and hers is on the right.

Here is the larger photo of Lindsay’s efforts and we are sure you agree, she has done a great job with her Teddy Bear Rag Quilt Rug. You can see details here

This Teddy Bear Quilt is from the Craftsy Site. A member made this in one of their Quilting Classes.

Here’s another readymade version of the Teddy Bear Rag Quilt. You can purchase on Etsy here

We found these diagrams on Pattern Review. They are from the original Simplicity Pattern. You can visit the site here.Big Dog Rag Quilt

If you would like to check out the super cute Puppy Rag Quilt, you can find the details here

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  1. I have made the dog, panda bear, lady bug. big sunflower, butterfly for my grandkids and great grandkids. Loved how they turned out and they are really big..

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