How To Tint Jars And Bottles Video Tutorial

You’ll be thrilled to learn how to tint jars and bottles and make the most gorgeous of creations. The results are nothing short of stunning. Watch the video tutorial now.

Now you can learn how to tint up Mason Jars in pretty colors to suit your decor just like the ones available from Amazon above. It’s a very easy process and you won’t believe what the ingredients are.

Mod Podge is the secret to your success and you will be able to achieve all sorts of beautiful effects. They look lovely with candles. You can tint in lighter or vibrant shades and they are very ambient.

via Lily Shop

Lily Shop has chosen a bright and colorful Moroccan vibe and it’s achieved using Mod Podge (a craft glue) and food coloring, so it’s a very inexpensive craft project.

As a glue is used, it is not recommended that they be used for food storage. They’re perfect for a votive candle holder or a stationary holder or pop some flowers in them. You can hang from trees and posts too. They would make wonderful outdoor lanterns.

How To Tint Jars and Bottles Video Tutorial

Julia from HGTV is here to show us how to achieve the perfect result when tinting our jars. She said that when she first tried this project off camera, it was a total craft fail.

This time she has worked it out and says that it has everything to do with the amount of food coloring that you use in your project. In her video, she uses 3 different amounts to show the varying results. Click Play above to watch now ^

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