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Floral Flying Coffee Cups Easy Video Tutorial

These gorgeous Floral Flying Coffee Cups are an optical illusion and you’ll be amazed just how easy they are to recreate at home …

How to make a floral flying coffee cup

Would you believe that you can create a lovely table centerpiece from an old China Cup and Saucer?

We fell in love the minute we saw these Floral Flying Coffee Cups. They have the appearance of floating. They are suspended in a way that is extremely clever and super easy to make.

How to make a floral flying coffee cup

Tutorial via Stranamasterov

How To Make Floral Flying Coffee Cups

So let’s look at the items you are going to need to create your own Flying Cups. You will need cable wire, wire cutters, scissors, a hot glue gun and some artificial flowers will come in handy too.

Tutorial via Stranamasterov

You will need a selection of faux flowers and any other decorations that you would like to include in your project. Don’t hold back. These pictures should get your creative juices flowing.

via Purple Hues and Me 

You could use roses, daisy’s, beads and we have even seen them made with coffee beans! You will need to bend the wire and attach it with a hot glue gun to the cup and saucer.

You can also use other items like this version that we found on  Purple Hues and Me. This Milk Jug is one of the most beautiful we have seen. The creator has done a wonderful job!

Floral Flying Coffee Cups Video Tutorial

We have also included a Video Tutorial above that will show you exactly how easy it is to make your own Floral Flying Coffee Cups! Click play to view now ^How To Make Flying Cups

Tutorial via Stranamasterov

The best place to start with gluing your flowers is from the bottom up. You want to achieve an attractive composition and have the majority of your display spilling out of the base of the cup as shown in the pictures above.

How To Make A Floral Flying Coffee Cup

 via twojediy

Here’s another great result that we discovered on the Twojediy site and this version looks extremely pretty in pink don’t you think. The full instructions are here

via Love This Pic 

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