Turn Your Old Pants Into A Stylish Tote Bag

Don’t throw out those old Cargo Pants, Denim Jeans or Shorts! We have found you the ultimate upcycle that you are going to love. Be sure to watch the video tutorial now.

Just about everyone has a pair of Cargo Pants or old Denim Jeans hiding out in their wardrobe. If you no longer wear yours, why not upcycle them into a brilliant Tote Bag.

This is so clever and very easy when you know how. We have a couple of different ideas that you will love to check out and you will love the results.

How To Turn Pants Into Bag Video Tutorial

The best way to show you how to make your own Tote Bag is by watching the video that we have included.

It’s a matter of a few cuts, a bit of sewing and you can even pop some contrasting material in the middle. Click Play above ^

Here’s a version that has extra length. It is for sale on Etsy, and we love it. You can use this easily for a Yarn Bag as they have in the photo.

You can check it out in the store and you can purchase it here

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This is one of our favorite versions. We found it on Bethsco and it looks particularly good with Cargo’s

You can use the pockets to store all your items and it will come in very handy! It’s the perfect casual bag and you will love the fact that you made it yourself.

You can also use old shorts for this project. The pants can be any length as they will be cut down to size. Bethany Scofield is the creator behind the idea and she has so many great tutorials on her website. Be sure to have a look around while you are there. You can find details here

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