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    How To Grow A Gorgeous Sweet Potato Vine

    Sweet Potato Vines are gorgeous. The color and the ornamental leaf really is a sight to behold and it grows like crazy. See how you can grow your own in no time at all in water and also in soil. We show you both ways. Click the link now to watch the video and check out all the ideas. More

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    Magic Faucet An Amazing Optical Illusion

    This Magic Faucett gives the illusion that it is floating in air. You can use this clever trick for watering cans, bowls, fish tanks, ponds and water features and it’s so easy, you won’t believe it! We have a one minute video that reveals how to make it plus lots of versions you won’t want to miss. We also have a link so you can purchase your own kit and make your own at home. This is truly awesome. Check it out now. More

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    Time Out Stool Is A Parents Savior

    Time Out is a necessary evil and you will love to make your own stool using discarded Plastic Soda Bottles! We’ve got a video tutorial to show you how plus a link to purchase if you would prefer to skip the DIY. Check out this post now, it will make a big difference to your home. More

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    Change Colour Of Hydrangea Plant Tutorial

    Let the Georgia Gardener share all his tips and tricks to changing Hydrangea colours with you. It’s easy when you know how. It’s all to do with the chemistry and PH of the soil. Watch the video now and see how you can strike Hydrangeas from cuttings. More

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    The Best Terrarium Ideas Pinterest Top Pins

    You will love to learn how to make these gorgeous Terrariums and we have put together the most popular around! Our post has loads of helpful information including the top 11 plants to use in your project plus we show you how to layer and construct your Terrarium the correct way. We even have a video. There are some breathtaking ideas you will not want to miss. View now! More

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    Wooden Train Garden Planter Is Super Cute

    You will love to make this easy DIY Crate Train Planter and it’s perfect for showing off your favorite blooms. We’ve also included a video tutorial and lots of pretty pictures to show you how you can get the perfect look for your garden. Check out the Caterpillar and Christmas version too! We’ve got Log Trains too. More

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