DIY 3 Ingredient Homemade Weed Killer

If you are looking for an excellent weed killer, this 3 ingredient version will become your new go to. It’s easy to make and works great!

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3-ingredient homemade weed killer

If your lawn and pavers are overrun with weeds, you will love this 3-Ingredient Homemade Weed Killer that really works! This recipe has been doing the rounds and to say it gets rave reviews is an understatement!

The best part, the ingredients are likely in your pantry. Some say to use Epsom Salt in the mixture but regular table salt works equally well.

3 Ingredient Homemade Weed Killer Ingredients

via Lawn Care Life

The recipe used in the video makes 1/2 gallon of mixture. Here’s what you need.

  • 1/2 gallon white vinegar
  • a squirt of dish soap
  • and 1/2 cup of table salt

It should also be noted that this recipe is quite potent so do not overspray on your plants or anywhere that want to retain.

The dish soap acts as a surfactant which helps the mixture stick to the plant. The vinegar and salt are both used to help control the weeds.

How To Make 3-Ingredient Homemade Weed Killer

via Lawn Care Life, Youtube.

In this video you will be shown updates from a few days into a week later. This will show you what you can expect when you use this recipe.

You will see that it absolutely works and also the type of results you can achieve. To watch, click Play above now ^

3-ingredient homemade weed killer

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