The Ultimate Guide To Growing Indoor Plants

Add some greenery to your scenery and spruce up your home. This Beginners Guide To Indoor Plants will show you how.

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One of the best ways to instantly lift a favorite space is the addition of some well-placed greenery. Today we share with you our beginner’s guide to growing plants indoors.

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Beginners Guide To Growing Plants Indoors

via flowercard

Beginners Guide To Growing Plants Indoor

via Flowercard

The above infographic from Flowercard has some useful care tips, and while various plant types have specific care guidelines, a couple of rules apply to those you may like for your home.

Frequent watering is essential. While most plants also need exposure to light, many dislike direct sunlight. Don’t leave them exposed, unless the plant thrives in such conditions.

Beginners Guide To Growing Plants Indoors

via Ez Living Interiors 

Indoor Plants Guide

via EZ Living Interiors

EZ Living Interiors have compiled this excellent guide that shows us what plants are ideal for various rooms in our home. They suggest aloe vera or snake plants for the bedroom and they also have included excellent tips on how to keep them alive.

The following houseplants need little watering and are the perfect starter plants for beginners. They are also ideal to give as gifts, as they won’t be a major commitment for the recipient.

Easy Care Indoor Plants

Cacti: A cactus plant needs little water and can basically be left in a sunny spot on your windowsill.

They do, however, need to be kept at temperatures of 13 degrees Celcius or higher.

Be sure to move them to a warm spot when the weather gets cooler.

Succulents: Succulents, much like Cacti, need to be kept in full sun and watered sparingly. These little plants only need to be watered about once per week.

There are so many beautiful varieties to choose from and they look great in fairy gardens!

Tillandsia: These small evergreen plants produce beautiful flowers. They thrive in warm, humid conditions.

Be sure to mist them regularly to simulate the humidity of their natural climate.

Beginners Guide To Growing Plants Indoors

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Indoor House Plant Cheat Sheet

via Modern Rugs Co

This cheat sheet has some excellent recommendations for the various rooms in your home.

Peace Lilli’s and Moth Orchids are great for the bedroom.

English Ivy and Chinese Evergreen are excellent choices when it comes to your bathroom.

Beginners Guide To Growing Plants Indoors

via University of Illinois

House Plant Light Guide

via University Of Illinois

You also need to take into consideration the amount of light that your plants will require.

This Infographic shows low to high light range, and will assist with your placement.

via Readers Digest 

Humidity-Loving Houseplants

via Readers Digest 

These plants are perfect for humid spaces, such as the bathroom.

You can still keep them in dryer rooms, but you’ll need to give them a good misting every day.

Their needs for water and light vary, however, so be sure to pay close attention to which variety you choose.

Prayer Plant: This houseplant needs to be kept in low light at temperatures above 16-degrees Celcius. It also needs to be watered quite often.

Boston Fern: The Boston Fern does well in a room with a little sun, but shouldn’t be put right into direct sunlight.

It needs to be watered often and also thrives in slightly cooler temperatures of 10-degrees Celcius and above.

Chinese Evergreen: This houseplant grows big, beautiful leaves that are perfect for filling up empty space in your home. Be sure to water them moderately and keep them in a  darker corner.

Peace Lily: Here is a plant that actually thrives in the shade! It does need to be kept at warmer temperatures of 15-degrees Celcius and above, and it should be watered often.

Moth Orchid: The Moth Orchid produces beautiful blooms, similar to orchids that will brighten up a room!

They can be tricky to raise, however, having to be kept at temperatures above 18-degrees Celcius, watered regularly, and kept out of direct sunlight.

via Brit & Co.

Houseplants For Home Decor

via Brit & Co 

The above infographic outlines some of the most popular choices for home decor. We have briefly outlined their attributes.

Snake Plant: The Snake Plant has multiple long leaves that ‘snake’ out, but look lovely in a nice, big pot. It needs minimal light and water. Keep it out of direct sunlight. It’s the perfect low-maintenance choice.

Autograph Tree: The autograph tree needs moderate watering. It can be kept at temperatures as low as 12-degrees Celsius, and thrive in dimly lit rooms. They look like mini trees, making them a great decor option.

Zebra Plant: The Zebra Plant has beautiful striped leaves. It is another easy-care houseplant and it needs little water and just a small amount of light.

Ivy: Everyone loves to see Ivy leaves climbing the side of a trellis. It also looks lovely hanging in your home or sitting on a shelf. Ivy is one of the strongest houseplants on this list. It only requires temperatures above 0-degrees celsius, and moderate watering.

Indoor Plant Care Video

While you’re here, be sure to check out this handy video tutorial that has some great tips and tricks on how to care for your indoor plants. Press play above to watch now ^

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