If Weeds are the bane of your existence, you will love our post that shows you a collection of ways that you can banish them naturally. View now!

killing weeds naturally

Imagine no more back-breaking weeding or nasty chemicals. Today we are sharing how you can go about killing weeds naturally around your home and in your garden. Many of these easy ideas are pet-friendly and the good news is you can make them at home.

It’s important to remember that when you rid your garden of weeds, you are also killing natural microbes and fungi in the soil. You might also be unaware that there is a lot of goodness to be found in them.

10 Healing Herbs That May Be Growing In Your Backyardvia Positive Med

10 Healing Weeds That May Grow In Your Garden

via Positive Med

Before you take revenge on your weeds, you might like to get up close and personal with them! It’s a great idea to know the nutrients they contain and also how they may benefit not only your garden but also you!

The above chart from Positive Med lists 10 weeds that can actually be beneficial for you. Dandelions for example are rich in potassium and milkweed and can treat and remove warts. They are also excellent at attracting butterflies to your garden. Many of these rogues can be used for brewing up herbal medicinal teas or added to your food.

killing weeds naturally via Wonder How To

Killing Weeds Naturally – 9 Non-Toxic Recipes

via Wonder How-To

The above infographic lists 9 Natural Homemade Weed Killers that you can road test. The least impactful is boiling water that can be poured directly over the weeds.

Again, ensure you contain the area. You can also use Salt. Just sprinkle a pinch at the base of the plant and you will successfully kill the weeds.

You can also pour baking soda onto weeds that are in paving and concrete cracks. Mulch and a decent weed mat will also work well and ensure that weeds are greatly reduced.

killing weeds naturally
via Gardeners Edge

Newspaper Weed Barrier

via Gardeners Edge

Newspaper is another effective material that can be used in the prevention of weeds. Simply smother low growing weeds with several sheets. You then cover the newspaper with a generous amount of mulch.

The lack of sunlight starves the weeds until they die. This is a very effective method and a great way to recycle your newspapers. You can also use Newspaper for seed starters.

killing weeds naturally via Listotic

Homemade Weed Killer Recipe

via Listotic

Vinegar is another popular alternative when it comes to killing weeds naturally. All you need to do is douse/spray the weed directly with white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.

It works best on young weeds. Be sure to avoid your existing plants. You can also use the above blue Dawn Dishwashing liquid recipe.

Cornmeal is another pantry staple that you can use. Simply scatter on the affected area to keep any seed from growing into a plant. This works well for areas you plan on planting advanced plants in.

Borax has many uses too. The best way to treat weeds is to sprinkle in cracks/crevices where you have seen weeds growing. Baking Soda can also be used for this practice. Ensure to keep away from your house and established garden plants.

via fresh eggs daily

Safe Non-Toxic Weed Control

via Fresh Eggs Daily 

Mulch works a treat and all you need to do is cover your existing soil with it to prevent weeds. It also makes it a lot easier to pluck them out when they pop up!

Fresh Eggs Daily also recommends the good old hand pull and chickens too. Apparently, they are wonderful weeders but be sure to keep them supervised!

How To Kill Weeds Naturally Video

via wtbm123, Youtube.

The video that we are including today shows you how to use Vinegar, Salt, and Dish Soap to kill weeds.

This is a safe and effective way to tame the weeds in your garden. The creator even shows you the results, a few days later. Click Play above to view now ^

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