Adorable Recycled Bicycle Wheel Owl Art

Do you have an old bicycle wheel sitting around? We’ve found an easy and super cute upcycle that you are going to love to make.

Bicycle Wheel Owl Art

Recycling is such a popular past time and there is no end of items that you can repurpose. Every item has the potential to be a new creation and it’s such a popular DIY.

We’re talking about this Bicycle Wheel Owl Art Ideas and they couldn’t be easier! As you can see from the photos, they look amazing hung on a stone wall. A fence would look great too.

Bicycle Wheel Owl

via Better Homes and Garden 

This project is from one of our favorite sites Better Homes and Garden in Australia.

They have lots of amazing projects on their site and you even grab a subscription to their magazine here

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via Better Homes and Garden

Kitchen Ladles have been used for beaks, saucepan lids and vinyl records have been used for big Owl Eyes and as you can see, anything goes. This is a fun family-friendly project. For the full Instructions visit Better Homes and Gardens here

Saucepan Lid Owls - recycled from Kitchen Items

Here’s another brilliant collection of Owls that have used recycled kitchen utensils. Plates, Cheese Graters, Bottle Tops, Cutlery, Strainers are just some of the items that you can use to recreate these cuties. Check out all the different versions here

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