Learn How To Make A Birdcage Succulent Garden Planter

Do you have an old Birdcage hanging around? Everyone is loving these Birdcage Succulents Planter Ideas and you will too. Be sure to watch the video tutorial now.

Today we are excited to share how to transform a Bird Cage into a stunning Succulent Planter. Succulents require little maintenance and you don’t need a green thumb to keep them alive.

You can hang your Bird Cage Planter on a porch, or from a tree. They are drought tolerant and exceptionally robust.

Lucy from Craftberry Bush is responsible for the above Birdcage Succulents and don’t they look wonderful?

We love the way that the succulents are popped through the cage giving a gorgeous 3D effect. You can create all sorts of landscapes too. You could even turn yours into a fairy garden.

Birdcage Succulents Planter Video Tutorial

We have included a video tutorial that shows you the best tips and tricks you need to know to make your own Planter at home. We highly recommend that you take a few minutes out to watch if you want to achieve the best possible result. Click Play above to view ^

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You can also fill your Birdcage with colorful flowers. Annuals will look very pretty and give a good pop of color. This version from Pink Polkadot Creations is very sweet.

Rita, the creator has used coconut hanging basket liner in her version. She has a full tutorial on her website here.

Over onRainyside we love this vintage version that they have created. You can find lots of old birdcages hanging out on Craigs List, Facebook Marketplace, junk shops and yard sales.

As mentioned earlier, Lucy from Craftberry Bush has a full tutorial available on her website to step you through how to recreate her succulent planter. Visit her here.

Birdcage Planter

Over on Emma Lynne Jewellery we love the way this succulent birdcage has been put together. You can also paint your bird cage or keep it rustic. Either way, it looks wonderful. Want more? Check out the Succulent Ball Spheres here.

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