Make Your Garden Beautiful With Bulbs

Enjoy a continuous parade of beautiful blooms with this chart that shows how to achieve the garden of your dreams!
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Nothing beats a sunny day in the garden. It’s so therapeutic and excellent for your mental health. Today we’re excited to share with you a very handy bloom time chart for bulbs.

It will come in so handy and help you gain more control over your garden’s appearance. There are 2 types of bulbs. Perennials come back every year and annuals are oncers that need replanting.

via Thompson & Morgan

10 Hardy Flower Bulbs

via Thompson & Morgan

Before we view the bloom time chart for bulbs, we thought we’d share with you some of the hardiest bulbs to grow.

It’s nice to see some of our favorites like cyclamen, snowdrops, hyacinth, lilies, daffodils, and tulips on the list.

It’s important to take into consideration your location, the amount of sunlight in your garden, and the recommended growing conditions.

When you choose bulbs that flower at different times, your garden will be a spectacular kaleidoscope.

You will also always have something coming into bloom.

The following bulb chart has been hugely popular with gardeners so be sure to Pin for future reference.

via longfield gardens

Bloom Time Chart For Bulbs

via Longfield Gardens

As you can see above, the chart shows you the likely time that each type of bulb is at its peak. As a result, you can plan your planting accordingly.

In order to enjoy a continuous parade of color, all you do is select some of the recommended bulbs from each time period. You can find an excellent selection to choose from here.

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