Broken Pot Fairy Garden DIY

Learn how to make a super cute Broken Pot Fairy Garden. We have an easy to follow video tutorial to show you how.

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broken pot fairy garden tutorial

Today we’re excited to share with you this broken pot fairy garden tutorial. This has been such a popular idea and we know you won’t be able to wait to make one.

The best part is they are very easy to recreate. All you need is an old clay pot to get you started and you are on your way. If you need some fairy ornaments for your project, there are plenty to be found on Etsy.

broken pot fairy garden tutorial
credit – Krystel Sheehan

Broken Pot Fairy Garden Ideas

As you can see by the broken fairy pot above made by Krystel Sheehan, there are so many cute elements that you can add.

You can incorporate flowers, mushrooms, fairy furniture and use the broken bits of the pot to create a winding staircase. Don’t forget the fairies either!

credit – Krystel Sheehan

Krystel Sheehan made these beautiful fairy pots with her daughters. Just look at the exquisite details they have included. They are full of whimsy and color and would be the perfect addition to any garden.

You can also pop them in your home as a beautiful centerpiece that will be the envy of family and friends.

broken pot fairy garden tutorial

fairy pot via archivo

Here’s another exciting version of the broken fairy pot garden. We love the cute little turret that is the central focus. The creator has been very careful with the plantings and the results are stunning!

You can get as creative as you like. Why not include wooden fences, succulents, and of course, a fairy door!

broken pot fairy garden tutorial

via Flower Market Dundee

This beautiful version from Flower Market Dundee is one of our favorites. We particularly love the way they have placed theirs in a saucer.

These additional elements really give it an extra special look. Be sure to try out this idea with your project.

broken pot fairy garden tutorial

The lovely Broken Pot Fairy Garden above was made by a follower of our Facebook Page. Carolyn has added a tree trunk and raccoon in the left corner. We love her choice of plants and stepping stones.

When it comes to breaking your pot, be sure that you cover it with a towel. Use light taps and wear some goggles. The shards are particularly dangerous, so don’t take chances.

Broken Pot Fairy Garden Tutorial

via Your House A Home TV, Youtube.

Are you ready to learn how to make your own gorgeous fairy garden? We have included this excellent video tutorial that will step you through the process.

You will be shown exactly what you need to do to achieve the best possible result. We highly recommend you view. To see how, press play above now ^

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