The Kids Will Love This Backyard Race Car Track

There will be hours of fun to come with this Backyard Race Car Track and it’s a piece of cake to make and the kids will love it!

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Are you one of the many searching for ways to keep the kids entertained? You are not alone and we’ve got you covered!

This Backyard Race Car Track will keep the whole neighborhood enthralled too! This is good clean fun on every level, and it’s not just for the kids. We can see all ages getting in on the action!

Tire Race Car Track

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It’s the perfect way to get everyone out in the yard and away from computers. Nothing beats a healthy dose of sunshine and fresh air.

It is guaranteed to improve their mood and tire them out! This is entertainment for the whole family.

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How To Prepare Race Car Track

Our member Marie Louise even gave us some photos of her completed project and to say she did a great job is an understatement! Now, it’s your turn!

The first thing you will need to do is mark out your track. This can be done by using rope. Excavate to a depth of about 100mm.

Next, select the location for the tyre. Once placed, dig out until partially below ground level.

How To Make A Backyard Race Track

Put 2 bags of Sand & Cement Mix and a capful of Black Oxide Powder in a wheelbarrow and blend thoroughly.

Slowly add water until the mixture is stiff.

Now you want to line the trench with Bricktor. This is a mesh used by brickies to prevent concrete cracking.

Now you will need to shovel cement mixture into the trench, level with a float, and smooth with a trowel.

If the mixture isn’t as dark as you would like, sprinkle black oxide powder onto the surface.

Spread with a wooden float and smooth with a trowel.

Backyard Race Car Track

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Final Touches For Backyard Race Car Track

Remove turf from the inside of the track and backfill with garden soil. Plant up, mulch, and gently water.

To complete your race track, trace and cut out a chequerboard pattern onto a plastic sheet. Place on track and spray-paint white.

Make stencils for lane markings and for the word ‘Start’, and spray-paint onto the track.

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To make a ‘safety barrier’, cut the poly tube to length and wrap electrical tape, in a spiral, around it.

Place along the edge on sections of track. Secure with pegs. Put flags near the finish line and you are done!

As you can see from the pics above our Member Marie made this awesome backyard race car track and her little one couldn’t be happier.

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Another member of our Community made this version for her kids – well done Melissa!

You can set your track up in all sorts of ways. The only thing that you are limited by is your imagination. Be sure to let it run wild!

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Besser Block Race Car Track

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Another great idea that is also very easy is this besser block version. You can find the full tutorial here.

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