Pizza Oven DIY Brick Instructions Video

If you love Pizza, this Pizza Oven DIY is a must make. It’s easy when you know how and we have a video to follow along with  ..

Are you on the hunt for your next project? Everyone’s loving this Pizza Oven DIY and we have found easy instructions to show you how. Yes, you’ll be cooking up a storm in no time at all!

This would make a wonderful addition to any backyard and imagine the amazing breads and Pizza’s you will be able to make!

There’s not much better than making your own creations and you will never need to order a take out pizza ever again!

We’ve included a couple of different styles for you to choose from. The best part, they are easy to make on a weekend! You can also buy your own Pizza Oven Kits online. This will give you all the elements that you require for your project.

Keep scrolling our post to watch the video tutorial now.

Pizza Oven DIY Brick Video Instructions

We have included a video tutorial that steps you through the process of this Pizza Oven Diy. It’s a wonderful finish with plenty of room to store your wood too. To watch, click Play above ⇑

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Pizza Oven DIY Materials Needed

You need a concrete table or slab, no smaller than 900 x 900 mm, to build your oven on. Check out Pizza Oven Kits here 

For building frame:

  • 3 x 18 x 420 x 700 mm shutter-board
  • 1120 x 880 mm masonite board 
  • 9 x 30 x 4 mm wood screws

For the oven:

  • 64 firebricks for the oven walls 
  • 20 firebricks for the cooking base
  • 12 firebricks for the chimney
  • 4 bags of sand
  • 1 bag of NPC Blastfurnace cement
  • (Mix ratio: 4 parts sand to 1 part cement)


You can find the full tutorial on The Gardener Here

Pizza Oven DIY Tools Required

Tape measure, pencil, cordless screwdriver and Phillips attachment, hand saw or jigsaw, level, rubber mallet, mason’s chisel, brick trowel, brick jointer, 2-pound hammer, sponge, bucket

You can find a drawing and Pizza Oven Plans here

Pizza Oven Tutorial

DIY Pizza Oven via Instructables

DIY Pizza Oven

DIY Pizza Oven via The Year Of Mud

Cob Oven Tutorial

Cob Pizza Oven via The Cob Oven Project

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