How To Make An Easy Butterfly Feeder

We love Butterflies and if you do too, learn how to make a simple Butterfly Feeder to hang in your yard. Be sure to check out all the ideas and the video too.

If you dream of having butterflies flocking into your garden, this Butterfly Feeder DIY Project has your name written all over it.

We have rounded up some simple ideas that you can easily recreate plus a video tutorial to show you how. Check out all the ideas now.

Butterfly Feeder DIY Video Instructions

In this video tutorial, Upcycled Stuff show you how to put a very simple Butterfly Feeder together using items from your kitchen.

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A plate is a nice stable base for butterflies to visit and you can pop it amongst flowers or even hang from a tree. Click Play above ^

Jonathon Fong from E-How has made a very pretty version of the Butterfly Feeder  and he has 2 great examples using a hanging plate and also a jar. We love the way he uses a sponge placed on some leaves as a puddling area for the Butterflies.

This is something that they are particularly fond of given they love to bask in the sun. Jonathon has a full tutorial on his site plus a video that shows you the butterflies flocking to his feeder.

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There are a number of ways that you can make a Butterfly Feeder and this infographic from my ubam shows you how to make a simple version using a cup.

The sugary water that you will use in your cup is similar to nectar. Be sure to add some petals to your cup as butterflies are attracted to pretty things. This is a great idea and very simple too.

We also suggest you view our Butterfly Gardening Post for additional ideas on what you can plant to attract more butterflies to your yard. See all the details here.

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