Make A Stunning Chandelier Planter

Repurpose an old light fixture and make a lovely new home for your plants or herbs! This DIY Chandelier Planter is the perfect way to upcycle an otherwise unwanted piece.

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Do you have an old Light Fitting hanging around? We have found the perfect upcycle project. This DIY Outdoor Chandelier Planter is easy to make and looks great!

The Thrift Stores and Yard Sales are full of these old fittings and you are guaranteed to love the results. The best part, this is an extremely easy project and it is sure to draw plenty of admiring glances! So, let’s see what you are going to need.

via WWLP-22 News

DIY Outdoor Chandelier Planter Supplies

via WWLP-22 News

A chandelier – If you don’t have one, try yard sales, op and thrift shops, and even Facebook Marketplace and Craigs List. It doesn’t have to look perfect, you can pretty it up later!

One tiny clay pot for each holder.

Your plants. These can be herbs as shown in the video, or even some small succulents.

Spray paint to paint your chandelier and pots.

Waterproof glue to glue your pots.

An “S hook” to hang your planter on.

DIY Outdoor Chandelier Planter Video Tutorial

via WWLP-22 News

Today we are sharing a video tutorial from WWLP-22 News. They have excellent instructions and will step you through how to make your Outdoor Chandelier Planter at home.

In order to achieve the best possible result, we highly recommend that you watch the video. To view, click Play above now ^

via Buzzfeed

Chandelier Herb Planter

via Buzzfeed

Take a look at what Buzzfeed turned their old chandelier into! We love their herb garden version and apart from looking great, it will actually come in very handy. You can find their tutorial here.

DIY Chandelier Candelabra Planter

via Redhead Can Decorate

Over on Redhead can decorate, Julie has turned a candelabra into a gorgeous planter. What a stunning result she has achieved. Julie has an excellent tutorial on her site here.

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