Hydrangeas are a wonderful, old-fashioned bush that deliver explosive color and it’s easy to see why they are just so popular. Learn the secret now to changing their color and watch the video tutorial now.

Did you know that you can change the color of hydrangea blooms to ? We only recently discovered that you can change them to Pink or Blue and the secret is linked to the PH level of the soil. 

Most hydrangeas thrive in rich, porous, somewhat moist soils. They thrive in the full morning sun and they like afternoon shade. On a side note, if you have poor soil, be sure to add compost. This will enrich the existing soil and make your blooms more bountiful. 

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Change Color Hydrangea Blooms Infographic

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When it comes to changing bloom colors, there some limitations to this process. Be sure that you take the following into consideration. 

  • You can’t change white Hydrangeas to pink or blue.
  • If you have acidic soil, your hydrangeas will turn blue.
  • Alkaline soil will see your hydrangeas turn pink.
  • If you are neutral, you will end up half and half.

‘As you can see from the infographic above, adding Lime to your soil will result in pink blooms and aluminum sulfate will result in blue.

Change Color Of Hydrangeas Blooms Video

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As the Hydrangeas age, sometimes a bit of red comes through the blooms. This is purely down to nature. Whilst you may see pictures around the web of blood-red Hydrangeas, dark pink is a more realistic result, particularly if you live in a hot climate.

We have included a very helpful video from The Grumpy Gardener that shows you in a couple of minutes how to change the color of hydrangeas to blue or pink. Click Play above to view now ^

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Hydrangea Bloom Colors

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If you are a keen gardener, you will know just how important the PH Level is. This is especially the case if you want your garden to thrive, not just survive. This is what Garden.com has to say:

 “The pH scale has 14 units and is centered on 7, which is neutral. Levels below 7 are considered in the acidic or sour range; readings above 7 are alkaline or sweet. Soil nutrients are at their optimum availability in the range between 6 and 7”.

Most plants grow best in this PH range, although some type of plant growth can take place anywhere between 3.5 and 10.” The soil is of particular importance to hydrangeas as acidity determines the color.

If the soil is acidic with a pH level of around 4.5 to 5.0, the flowers will be light blue to electric blue or even peacock blue. This is often the case in mountainous conditions.

Many garden soils are much less acidic and the flowers will turn pink. According to the Grumpy Gardener video, you will need to wait at least one growing season to see the change in color.

Be patient, the results will be well worth the wait!

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