Take your Holiday Nails to a whole new level with these gorgeous DIY Christmas Nail Polish Ideas! We’ve rounded up the best and the easiest.

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It’s the holiday season and that means it’s time to get in the decorating zone. Everything around you looks wonderful and now it’s time to get your personal glitter on!

We’ve found these incredible Christmas Nail Polish Ideas that you’re going to love and they are very easy when you know how. Check them all out now!

Christmas Nail Polish Ideas Video

We have included this excellent compilation of 10 easy Christmas Nail Polish Designs that you will love.

Once you have watched the video be sure to continue scrolling for all the different ideas and be sure to Pin your favorites. Click Play above now ^

via The Little Canvas 

We’ve included several tutorials below with links to the creators. You can grab all the finer details on their site. We also had to share this Christmas Nail Art Wheel that we found on The Little Canvas. There are so many super cute ideas!


There is something for everyone and all you are going to need are a few basic tools of the trade to help you recreate the designs that we have handpicked for you to try.

via Nail Designs Journal

Here’s some of the recommended products you can use :





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via Stay Glam

via luxury guugles

Via Harli G


via Sally Hansen

via DDG Daily

Via Swift Polish

via one nail to rule the mall

via one nail to rule the mall

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via nail Designs Journal 

via lulus

via pshiiit

via pshiiit

via she who does nails

via one nail to rule the mall

via pshiiit

via nails by jema

viakeshia lilly

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via Cajon de los Esmaltes

via Nail Designs Journal

Another great idea are these artificial nails from Amazon. If you don’t feel confident doing it yourself, why not fake it. You can get yours here 

Want More? Why not check out our post that has lots of amazing Minion Christmas Nail Polish Ideas. You can view the ideas here 

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