This Cinder Block Bench Seat Couldn’t Be Easier

We love all the different uses for Cinder Blocks and this Cinder Block Bench Seat is pure genius. It is so easy, you will love it! Be sure to watch the video tutorial now.

Here’s a very easy DIY. All you need are Cinder Blocks (Besser Blocks) and you will be able to create this terrific bench seating.

Paint it up, pop on some cushions and you have a nice and practical piece for very little money.

Cinder Block Bench Seat Instructions

We have included a video tutorial that shows you how to make your own Cinder Block Bench Seat and it’s easy when you know how. You only need Cinder Blocks, 4 x 4’s and a little bit of nouse.

You can leave your project in its natural form or paint it up in colors to complement the space that you intend it to reside in. To watch the video tutorial, click Play above ^

via Ehow

As you can see from the photos above from Ehow, a Cinder Block Seat is extremely easy to recreate. It looks great in vibrant colors amongst the greenery.

Most would find it hard to believe the result that can be achieved. You can add some cushions to the seating and it’s durable and hard wearing. It will last through the seasons.

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Over on Lena Sekine, she has added a colorful padded seat to her Cinder Block Bench Seating. We love the vibrant colors and it really brings the space to life.

Be Happy Be Me has taken their Bench completely next level. Don’t you love how stylish it is? They have full cushions and it really looks like an expensive setting.

Cinder Block Bench Seating

Cinder Block Seating via ‘Ispaci’

Cinder Block Bench via Fab Everyday

Cinder Block Bench Seating via 1001 Gardens

Cinder Block Bench via BHG 

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