Cute Terrarium Coffee Pot is An Easy DIY

You will never look at your old coffee pot again. This is the ultimate upcycle and this Terrarium Coffee Pot looks amazing. Be sure to watch the video tutorial now.

Succulents are brilliant for so many reasons.  They need very little maintenance or water and can be planted in all sorts of items.

When we spied this fabulous idea on A Charming Project we knew that our community would be keen to make one themselves.

Coffee Pot Terrarium Video

We have also included this super cute video above that shows you how to put one together quickly and easily using items that you may have around your home.

You can personalize them to create any look you like and they would also look wonderful as a fairy garden. Click Play above to view now ^ 

Coffee Plunger TerrariumHere’s another fabulous idea. Just look what you can do with your Coffee Plunger! This is so creative and again, super easy to recreate. We found this on Tumblr by the extremely creative Level One TeamTerrarium and photography by Zik

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Terrarium Coffee Pot 1

via Tumblr 

Everything is so much better when it’s miniature! As long as you have something clear, you can create all sorts of gorgeous pieces. Don’t you just adore that teeny tiny coffee cup! We found this cutie on Tumblr here and we can’t wait to make our own!Teapot TerrariumLooking for another gorgeous way to display your Terrarium? How about a Teapot! What an awesome gift this would make. We found the one below for sale on Etsy 

As you can see you only need a few basic items to make your own Terrarium Coffee Pot. The base of the Terrarium has a layer of rocks and you could use faux or real plants for this project.

Gumball Machine Terrarium

Want More? Learn how to make an awesome Gumball Terrarium using Clay Pots.

It’s another very easy project and you will love the ideas that are included in our post. View the details here

This fabulous idea from A Charming Project is nothing short of adorable and the creator has a full tutorial with printable instructions on her website. You can find the details here

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