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Wooden Train Garden Planter Is Super Cute

This Wooden Train Garden Planter made with crates is going to look fabulous at your place. Be sure to watch the video tutorial.

Wooden Train Garden Planter

If you’re Looking for something that is unique for your garden, you are going to love this super simple idea that is beyond cute!

Why not build this Wooden Train Garden Planter and pop it in a favorite space at your place. The best part, you can make it yourself.

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Wooden Train Garden Planter

via Forobricolaje

If you don’t have crates, simply upcycle old drawers or use pallets for this project. We have found that you can purchase Crates in bulk, online at Amazon – They are inexpensive too. Purchase here

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Need Crates? Get Yours Here

What a brilliant idea this is! Click the link below to see how you can recycle some old crates and drawers and build your own  … While you’re here, check out the Log Train Planters too.

Wooden Train Garden Planter Video

The Wooden Train Garden Planter that we have featured in our post was found on an International Site. It may be difficult to understand the instructions so we suggest that you watch this video above for clarification. Click Play above to view ^

via Forobricolaje

Wooden Train Garden Planter Instructions

A hammer, chisel and some cute flowers and annuals are all you need. You simply attach the train cabins to each other using a couple of chains and add some wooden wheels.

This unique Wooden Garden Train Planter is sure to brighten your whole garden and everyone will want one for their home.

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Wooden Train Garden Planter

via Forobricolaje

One of our favorite Sites is The Keeper of The Cheerios. They have so many fabulous ideas and we were blown away when we saw this Caterpillar Crate Planter. It’s such a fun addition to your garden.

Caterpillar Crate Train Planter via The Keeper of the Cheerios

Here’s another fabulous idea that you can use your crates for. Why not make them into this Christmas Crate Train, this is such a fabulous idea and would be perfect for the kids toys. You can use it so many ways around your home.

via Keeper of The Cheerios

Pallet Cart

via 1001 Pallets 

Want more great ideas? You’ll love these Log Train Planters —view them here

Log Planter Train Tutorial

Crate Train

source -: Wooden Train Garden Planter

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