Caring for your Cyclamen is easy when you know how and Shirley Bovshow is here to share all her best tips and tricks.

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We love Cyclamens and if you do too, you’ll be thrilled to know that Cyclamen Care isn’t difficult, but some special attention is required.

Plant expert and WHOot Contributor Shirley Bovshow is here to give us the 101. Much like Orchids, Cyclamen need a bit more nurturing.

Shirley’s Step-By-Step Cyclamen Plant Care

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 The First Thing You Should Do

Most people receive Cyclamen during the holidays, wrapped in pretty foils and plastics.

The first thing you’ll want to do is remove this outer layer, and quickly, as it can cause the cyclamen roots to rot.

Cyclamen Watering 

When it comes to watering your cyclamen, give it the touch test. When the soil feels slightly dry, it’s time to water. Be sure it doesn’t get too dry, only he very top layer should feel lightly dried out.

Keep Your Cyclamen Cool

Cyclamen don’t enjoy warmer temperatures. Keep your Cyclamen in the coolest room of your home and out of direct sunlight. Be sure that the room is light and bright and the location is not sun affected.

Summer Care For Your Cyclamen

If you receive your Cyclamen during the cooler months, you can have blooms all the way through to summer. Shirley says when the temperature starts rising, you need to stop watering.

The reason for this is Cyclamens are a tuber or root plant. They need a dormancy cycle where they will rest for a certain period.

They also don’t enjoy very warm temperatures. Cyclamen need to ‘hibernate’ during the summer.

Caring For Cyclamen During Warmer Months

When the leaves begin to yellow as the temperatures rise, pluck off the affected leaves and stop watering your cyclamen.

Pop it in a cool place, like a closet or garage for the summer. Don’t worry about its appearance. It will look like its dying, but its really just taking a rest until temperatures cool again.

This lasts for about 2-3 months. Take it out again around October and begin lightly watering it again. You’ll then enjoy the blooms through another winter.

Yellowing Leaves On Your Cyclamen

Don’t overwater your cyclamen. Yellowing leaves are a sure sign of this. Unlike some other plants, it cannot stand too much watering.

You’ll need to water the soil directly, being sure not to get any on the leaves. After, be sure to dump the water that comes out on the bottom. Any resting water in this vicinity will rot the roots.

What It Means When Your Cyclamen Is Drooping

If your cyclamen is drooping, then it’s probably not getting enough water. This causes the plant to think that it’s experiencing “dormancy season”. All you’ll need to do is water more often.

If you keep your cyclamen in the right location and water it correctly, you’ll have lovely blooms for years to come. Be sure to follow Shirley’s tips to the letter and continue scrolling for her informative video which includes even more tips.

Easy Cyclamen Plant Care Video Tutorial

via EdenMakers

Cyclamen plants are perennials, meaning they can come back year after year without having to re-plant them. According to Shirley’s video, these flowers can last up to 30 years if taken care of properly.

To see exactly what you need to do for these plants, click play above ^

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